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Werewolf RPG

Format: Logs are mostly rped over AIM and then posted in the comm. Though there are thread posts as well.
Genre: Werewolf
Name: The Howling
Contact: you can email me: blind.angel.z@gmail.com and Applications can be found here: http://community.livejournal.com/howlingooc/524.html
Website: logging comm:howlingrpg OOC comm:howlingooc
Minimum Age Requirement: Due to the nature of some of the logs the min age is 18
Deadline: no deadline

Specific Requirements: It helps a lot if you have AIM
Game Description: "Troy, the mighty Alpha, has been cursed so his energy feeds the one who cursed him. Troy, being near death, makes a deal with the witch in which he gets his entire appearance, scent and voice. No one recognizes him and he cannot speak of his memories.

Connor has taken over Troy's pack and plans to move them to the other side of the human village. But first they need to travel through through the village and hope not to be discovered.

Aksel, the three-legged Alpha, struggles with learning to trust and not carry around so much anger about his past of being raped and beaten nearly everyday.

The werewolf hunter, Torvald, is trying to kill the witch who is trying to kill his love. Torvald, being a werewolf himself, brings up a lot of questions as to why he's hunting his own kind.

While the human Eli has just gave birth the hunter's child, which has some deformities. The child is stuck between human form and wolf form having one wolf eye and one human eye, wolf ears where his human ears should be, a fine fuzz covering a portion of his face and has a wolf tail. The child is forever in this form and will not change during the moon."

The game is 18+ as there is some mature content such as Yoai(boy on boy), Yuri(girl on girl) and Het.
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