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effect of werewolfism on unborn children

If this post is unsuitable for this community, please reply to this post and it will be deleted as soon as I get the message.

I am planning a werewolf story and I have an idea for a character but I don’t know if it’ll work. Basically a human woman was bitten by a werewolf. However, at the time, she was pregnant at the time (by a human male of course lol). The question is even though the woman is now a full werewolf and transforms at the full moon, how would this affect her child once it is born?

I do have three theories:

1) As the child was conceived by humans, it would not be affected by its mother’s curse regardless of the stage of pregnancy.
2) The child will become affected by werewolf blood too and become a full werewolf, despite the stage of the pregnancy in which its mother was bitten.
3) It depends on the stage of pregnancy. The earlier into the pregnancy the mother was bitten, the more affected the child will be.
ie If the mother was bitten during the first trimester (1-3 months), the child will be a full blood werewolf). If during the second trimester, it will be a half-breed and if during the third trimester, there will be either no effect or it will affected like Bill Weasley in “Harry Potter” (develop some Werewolf tendancies such as a liking for very rare steaks).

Any thoughts will be taken seriously.



Edit: 13/05/08 11:00am: Some of you have commented that I’m thinking of the werewolf bit as a mythical thing. In the case of a pregnancy woman being bitten, I was thinking more on the “blood” theory e.g. if you are infected with HIV via a syringe or a HIV person, it goes into your blood.

Also, I am not portraying werewolves as monsters. Well, I do but I put in a theory that was influenced by the Wolfsbane potion in Harry Potter. However, rather than suing a potion to keep your human mind during a full moon, in my world, it is possible for a werewolf to keep their human is more psychological. Basically the more frustrated you are before a full moon, the more of a “monster” you’ll become. If you are calm and more stable, you’ll be able to control yourself as a werewolf. In my world, many Rogue werewolves shunned from society as well as many half-breeds have this problem.

Just thought I let you know.
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