Jaime (see_who_iam) wrote in werebeasts,

Werewolf LJ RPG



The forest is deep and all around you. The trees block out most of the sunlight, and pine and leave trees have a fine mixture here. In the distance are the sounds of a stream. Birds sing in the background, luring you to feel calm in this peaceful scenery. You have heard rumors of these woods, but standing here in the peace and tranquility, you have problems believing the evil rumors of monsters and inhuman beings. As you begin to move towards the stream to take a sip before you move on, a sound comes from behind you. "Who are you?" A strong voice echoes, and frightened you look up. You feel a shiver pass through you as you can literally feel the authority of the man. "I-I...” You begin.

But you come no longer before you are surrounded by wolves of all sizes and colours. Because you have moved into the territory of The werewolves.

It is only then you realized your mistake.

After spending sometime in the pack you learn that there are three packs that inhabit this forest. You must be careful where you tread. If you step into the wrong territory, it could mean your death.

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